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How do I know Coaching is for me?

It is super important to me that you get a good feeling about Coaching and me as your Coach. That’s why an initial 20-minutes phone call is free and nonbinding so we can get to know each other, talk about your story and see if the chemistry is right. You can ask questions and I’ll explain in more detail what it’s all about.

I'm feeling even more confused after my first session than before, is that normal?

To be honest – yes. I call the first session the “chaos session” because clients often have a mountain of thoughts or go completely blank. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed in your first session as your mind needs to rewire. Don’t worry, this is a natural part of positive change and you’ve made the first step! You’ll see more clearly after a couple of days when you had time to reflect.

I don't have a specific goal yet, can I book a session anyway?

Yes, quite a few of my clients come to me with a feeling of restlessness and need to assess first where they currently are in their life and what they want to go for. As soon as you have the time and support to let your thoughts flow freely you will find out. 

Is Coaching like therapy?

Coaching and therapy are both efficient but different support professions that help you to overcome fears and obstacles. In a therapy session, as an example, the main purpose is facilitating healing by discussing trauma and situations from your past while coaching focuses on your future and facilitates personal and professional growth.  

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