It’s too risky. It’s going to cause a huge amount of trouble and financial loss. A lot of small businesses fail. I don’t know anything about running a business. Who am I to think that I could have a different kind of career than most people.
Sitting at my desk in my corporate job, my head nearly exploded from the stress this job was causing me on a daily basis. I felt disconnected from myself when I was at work and thinking about “doing my own thing” didn’t really help (See my most common, repetitive thoughts above).

I know many of you feel the way I felt like 2 years ago. How did I quit my job and start my own business? It certainly wasn’t an illumination and I certainly didn’t hand in my notice waving a business plan with pride and utmost confidence (I was actually crying when I handed in my notice, thinking I was making a huge mistake).
It all started with a lunch break. I started to listen to audio books and podcasts about people creating the life they wanted. I started talking to people about what I was passionate about. I started taking notes about what I would love to do. I started seeing all these people that don’t work 9-5. I started making a plan. I started working with a Coach. I grew into this idea slowly and built the courage to at least give it a try.

Now I do what I love on a daily basis. Another client of mine is now growing into entrepreneurship and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s a process and everyone needs their very own success strategy.

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