“Google, please tell me!” – I remember when I spent days and weeks literally googling potential career paths, jobs, companies and courses. Sometimes I kept googling the results of the results of the results until I couldn’t even remember what I was initially looking for. 😐👩‍💻

We all know that Google most likely won’t tell us what our ideal career path is. We keep googling it anyway, waiting for a miracle to happen so we can be on our merry career way.

Exhausted from digging through the internet and working in a job I didn’t really enjoy, I started considering other strategies. When I met my Coach, I was sceptical but willing to do anything that could potentially help. 😳

What can I say, all it took was a few sessions to gain clarity on what career I wanted to pursue and to have a plan ready on how I would go for it.

If you want to see how Career Coaching can help you find your ideal career path, message me to schedule a free phone consultation with me. 🤗🙋‍♀️☎️

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