From today, my website is online.

I decided to opt out of plan B and only have a plan A from now on. If you want something then you have to go for it with all of your heart, otherwise you’re not giving yourself a fighting chance.

I’ve made lots of mistakes, I’m still making mistakes and I will make many more. I’m yet to learn real business and I’m still quite a bit away from realising my vision.

But I’m on a mission to help people loosen that tightness around their minds and hearts. Life is short if you don’t go for what you want. 

Get to know yourself and make a move because life doesn’t wait. I’m on that very same journey as everyone else and all we can do is giving it our best shot. 

Thanks to Adrian Stern from “Vom Anderen Stern,” my friend and web designer who has laid the foundation and waited patiently until I sorted myself out. Thanks also to Alba from “Atlantica Photography” for the pictures and her ability to catch the real me in the right moment.

And last but not least, thanks to all the people who live in my heart and encourage me to be myself, always. You know who you are.